Watch: INFINITE’s L And Kim Min Suk Continue Their Seoul Exploration In “Celebrity Bromance”

Could INFINITE’s L and Kim Min Suk’s friendship be any more adorable?

On the May 12 episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” the two friends continue their Namsan Tower adventure from last week. After exploring the area, and documenting their trip with a few pictures, they try to find a working cable car. Unfortunately, all cable cars were still not functioning due to the wind, and they find themselves having to walk once again.

L and Kim Min Suk

Hungry from all their exploring, L and Kim Min Suk set out to find a naengmyun (buckwheat noodles) restaurant. After eating their fill, the two young stars venture out onto the streets of Seoul once again, when they come across a rather interesting capsule machine.

L and Kim Min Suk 3

Turns out it’s actually a “Descendants of the Sun” inspired machine, making them burst out into laughter. Wanting to get a bouncy ball with Song Hye Kyo‘s face, they test their luck.

Watch the full episode below to see if they succeed!