Rainbow’s Jisook Chokes Up Talking About Her Late Mother

Rainbow’s Jisook recently opened up about her late mother, just days after Korea celebrated Parents’ Day.

On the May 12 episode of “Happy Together,” Jisook explains that her mother passed away about four years ago due to illness. Choking back tears, Jisook says, “It was a huge shock to me, and I struggled mentally. It was such a difficult time for me, and I was supported by not just the other members, but their mothers, too. They took great care of me.”

Jisook goes on to say that her mother hid the severity of her condition from her daughter. “I knew she was ill, but she never told me just how bad off she really was. I was promoting at the time, and I think she knew I’d take it badly [if she told me]. So she just told me it was a bad case of the flu. I never knew exactly what it was she had.”

Jisook wraps up by saying, “She raised me so well. I feel a lot of gratitude [towards my mom]. The absence of my mom was a huge shock, and all these truths crashing down around me were hard to accept.”

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