Turn Up. People Are Showing BTS Love And They Don’t Even Know It.

Ever since BTS became the first K-pop group to score a Twitter emoji, BTS’s signature vest now appends all BTS tags on the site. Maybe they didn’t think it through, with the tag also being a much-used acronym for “behind the scenes.” Maybe they did.

Now, we’ve got a lot of people around Twitter probably scratching their heads at what they most definitely did not add to their tweets.

People like Justin Timberlake. Behind the scenes at Cannes.

justin timberlake bts

And Kate Beckinsale. Behind the scenes at The Today Show.

kate beckinsale bts

And everyone else. Behind the scenes. On Twitter.

#bts twitter emoji

They must be so confused.

Guess what? It’s Bangtan.

The emoji will be available through 9 a.m. KST on June 23, so until then, use it to your heart’s content.