Song Joong Ki Is A Perfect Gentleman In Chinese Variety Show Stills

On May 13, Chinese variety program “Happy Camp” released still cuts of Song Joong Ki looking quite sharp.

In the photos, Song Joong Ki is wearing a white shirt and black slacks, while showing off his gentle looks. Fans who were at the recording, which was on May 11, greeted him with love. The actor greeted them right back with a bright smile on his face.

Song Joong Ki chinese variety show2

When the filming officially started, he changed into a jumpsuit and focused solely on the program. As shown in the photos, he sincerely answered any questions directed towards him.

Song Joong Ki chinese variety show3

Song Joong Ki chinese variety show4

Meanwhile, “Happy Camp” is one of China’s highly viewed variety shows. Many fans are anticipating Song Joong Ki’s appearance on the show, which will air on May 21.

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