10 Things You Didn’t Know About “My Amazing Boyfriend” And Its Lead Actor

A newer Chinese drama, “My Amazing Boyfriend” is a charming romantic comedy that could become popular with the K-drama crowd. “My Amazing Boyfriend” has most of the classic elements that drama viewers look for, whether that is a handsome male lead or the classic love triangle. Starring Kim Tae Hwan and Wu Qian, this drama has been surprisingly popular in China despite the fact that it’s the male lead’s first drama appearance!

1. As you may have already guessed because of his name, Kim Tae Hwan is actually Korean!

He is one of the first Korean celebrities to make their acting debut in a foreign series.


2. He was born on July 12th, 1992, and is now 23 years old

He’s got model-like stats of 6 feet, 1.5 inches (187 cm) and 143 lbs (65kg).

Kim Tae Hwan 1

3. He got his start as a stunning model.

He has appeared in numerous magazines including GQ Korea, Esquire Korea, MAPS, ARENA, ELLE, DAZED, and W Korea. His three major agencies are CHOII in Seoul, I LOVE in Milan, and bananas MODELS in Paris.


4. If this handsome model wasn’t already perfect, then you might like to know that he has a playful personality despite his serious image!

You can find more of these adorable photos on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by kimtaehwan (@kimmtae) on

A photo posted by kimtaehwan (@kimmtae) on

A photo posted by kimtaehwan (@kimmtae) on

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5. Kim Tae Hwan is working on learning Chinese and his co-star Wu Qian helps him with his studying on set.


Now that we know more about this mysterious lead actor, we can explore this fun romantic comedy!

6. “My Amazing Boyfriend” is inspired by the popular Korean drama “My Love From the Star.”

It has its own original characters and entertaining plot, but has the similar premise of a man with superhero-like powers coming into contact with an unfortunate actress. Despite its similarities to “My Love From the Star,” this Chinese romance has a very unique story line, so many fans of the original Korean drama will still enjoy the new twist!

My Amazing Boyfriend Cover

7. This new drama is incredibly popular in China

It gained over 10 million views on its first day, and over 40 million views by the second day. Its number of viewers has only increased as it continues to air!

8. Our handsome male lead happens to have the same voice actor that dubbed one of the royals in “The Imperial Doctress” as his dubber.

The female lead, Wu Qian, is also dubbed over despite the fact she is actually Chinese, and her voice is from the same voice actress that was YoonA’s voice in “God of War, Zhao Yun.”


9. “My Amazing Boyfriend” even has something special about its OST, and that is that two of the tracks are sung by Korean singer JUST.

His voice may seem familiar because he has recorded the OST track “Because Of You” for “Healer” and the OST track “I Love You” for “My Love From the Star.” The OST tracks that JUST has recorded for this enduring Chinese drama are “My Love” and “No Fear”; he even sang in Mandarin to do so!

With so many ties to “My Love From the Star,” it is a surprise that this drama is not more popular in the K-drama community!

10. The writer of “My Amazing Boyfriend” is a young Chinese novelist named Shui Qian-Mo.

She has now written over a dozen successful novels by her current age of 26, five of which were recognized before she turned 21. Thought she never graduated high school, this talented writer has a substantial reputation and has now become the writer of a popular Chinese drama!


Watch the first episode of this hilarious series on Viki below!

Will you be watching this new twist on a great story? Let us know in the comments!

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