Former Jewelry Member Ha Joo Yeon Sheds Tears During “Show Me The Money 5” Auditions

Ha Joo Yeon, formerly known as Baby J of Jewelry, sheds tears on “Show Me The Money 5,” where she unfortunately faces elimination.

The first episode of Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 5” aired on May 13. During the interview, the singer recounts, “Jewelry did great when we debuted. Then the older members left and the group disbanded.”

ha joo yeon ha jae young

She shares that it has been almost two years since she was on camera. She continues, “After the disbandment, I had no income so I did part-time jobs in a pizza shop and a clothes store. When I see my friends being active in the entertainment industry, I would feel frustrated and cry. I cried alone at home a lot.”

Ha Joo Yeon adds, “‘Show Me The Money 5’ to me is a desperate need.” Her father, actor Ha Jae Young, also appears on the episode to show his support.

ha joo yeon gray

During the first round auditions, she performs in front of producer Gray. Due to her nervousness, she commits a mistake in her lyrics and is unfortunately unable to earn the golden necklace needed to proceed to the next round.

After elimination, she says, “I can’t go home. I prepared so much, but I couldn’t show it. Why did I get myself eliminated?” as she sheds tears of frustration.

“Show Me The Money 5” broadcasts on Fridays at 11 p.m. KST.

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