HyunA Can’t Stop The Tears From Flowing On “Animal Farm”

Everyone’s shedding tears by the bucket in the upcoming episode of SBS’s “Animal Farm”!

Guest star HyunA, a known animal-lover, is unable to stop crying as she takes part in an episode about puppy mills. The show infiltrates and exposes the cruelty of puppy mills, where dogs are made to take part in forced breeding and artificial insemination in order to “mass-produce” puppies. The workers even perform cesarean operations to birth the puppies without any medical license, and the terrible conditions of the mills means they are full of disease and death.

More surprisingly, the voice actor for the show, Ahn Ji Hwan, is also unable to hold back tears for the first time in his ten years narrating for “Animal Farm.”

This heartbreaking episode airs on SBS at 9:30 a.m. KST on May 15.

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