Eric Nam Teaches Solar English On “We Got Married”

On the May 7 episode of “We Got Married,” Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar must teach each other English and Korean.

Eric Nam receives a mission card stating, “Teach Solar English.” Solar feels burdened by this, asking “Why do I have to use English again?” Despite this complaining, when the two see each other she can’t help smiling!

solar eric nam

As soon as they meet, they begin to converse in English. Eric Nam asks Solar, “How are you doing?” and she replies, also in English, “Working.” Eric Nam adds in, “Making money?” with a laugh.

After this, the couple sit down for drinks and conversation. Solar says, “Now we’re speaking English. Because it’s in English I can’t talk.” Eric replies with a simple, “Okay then,” with a smile to show he’s only joking.

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