Tiffany Reveals Lee Soo Man’s Reaction To Her Solo Debut Choreography

On the May 14 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Tiffany sits down for an interview about her long-awaited solo debut with “I Just Wanna Dance.”

Talking about the preparations for her very first solo album, she reveals, “I practiced the choreography alone for six hours [a day] and recorded music for two to four hours at a time.”

“After going home, I would listen to the music and repeat everything again. We have to receive approvals from the company,” she explains it wasn’t simple to secure her solo debut.

She also shares how SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man came to supervise her dance practice — something that almost never happens. “This was my first time since 2007 to dance in front of him. He usually gives his comments right away, but this time around he started clapping. He told me that I worked hard, and that’ll yield at least some sort of results.”


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