Watch: BTS Celebrates “Music Bank” Win By Partying With Fans During Encore In New Video

On May 14, BTS shared a new video of what went on behind-the-scenes of their recent win on “Music Bank”!

The guys took home their second win for “Fire” on the May 13 episode of “Music Bank,” and this video gives us the chance to see what went on during their encore after the credits rolled.

After the guys epicly throw their maknae Jungkook up in the air, they put on a fun, chill performance of “Fire” for their fans as they celebrate with their trophy. Suga and Jungkook eventually escape from the stage and head towards the fans in the audience, and soon the whole group has followed them to stand right in front of their screaming fans to finish off the song.

They’ve got all of ARMY in the palm of their hands even as they’re leaving the studio, as proven when Jin yells, “Everybody say ‘La la la la la,’” and the crowd screams it back excitedly.

As they exit, Rap Monster addresses the camera to thank the fans again, and says that every time they win it seems like a new experience. Backstage, Jin and V jokingly show how touched they are by making crying noises, before Jin loudly points out that he sees tears on Jungkook’s face.

Jungkook, who was recently ill and not able to perform on “M!Countdown,” grins in his individual video as he says that it was great that all seven of them could be together on stage live. “I watched the video, and that missing person really left a big empty space,” he jokes.

Watch the full video below!