The Very Real Struggle Of Talking K-Pop And K-Dramas With Non-Fans

A sad but true reality: Not everyone is a fan of K-pop or K-dramas. Sometimes this can get complicated. Maybe you want to fangirl/fanboy over the latest K-pop music video or that amazing new drama you’ve been watching, so you turn to your friend to squee . . . and then remember that this friend will have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s a K-fan to do?

If you’re feeling brave, maybe you muster your fangirl/fanboy courage and try to bridge the K-divide between you and your non-fan friend. Maybe you can throw in a drama-style line for good measure — “You trust me, right?” — as you attempt to lead your friend down the K-pop/K-drama path.

I can show you the world~~~

What happens next may include any of the following stages, in any order:

Abrupt Dismissal

When you try to bring up K-pop or K-dramas, your non-fan friend may not want any part of the conversation:

They might not even want to be within earshot of your squees:

Or maybe they shut you down a little more forcefully:

Talk about bursting your K-fan bubble! *cries*

The judgment is so real.

But no matter how much your non-fan friend rejects your fangirl/fanboy feels, you don’t let it get you down:

Feigned interest

Perhaps your friend tries to put on a good face when you start talking about K-pop/K-drama again:

Even if they can’t keep up the fake smile for long…

…or even if your friend secretly dies inside at the thought of enduring yet another squee-fest:

They might endure your fangirl/fanboy freak-outs, but only because they’re your friend:

It’s still too soon to give up, but you’re left to drown in K-pop/K-drama feelings on your own for now:

Curiosity piqued

Although he/she may not want to admit it right away, eventually something catches the interest of your non-fan friend…

Maybe a particular singer or song catches their ear:

Or maybe it’s a certain actor/actress who stands out to them:

In any case, you can sense that something is changing in the heart of your non-fan friend:


Wild enthusiasm

The next time you see your friend, you casually mention K-pop or K-dramas, with a knowing grin on your face…

(Maybe, just maybe…) You can see that fangirl/fanboy sparkle in their eyes:

For a brief moment, your friend barely manages to contain his/her delight:

And the next thing you know, you’re met with fangirl/fanboy squees equal to your own:


Your friend can finally join you in your K-pop/K-drama spazz-fests. Operation Fangirl/Fanboy Conversion is a success!

Soompiers, have you ever won over your non-fan friends to the K-pop/K-drama fandom?

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