Eric Nam Proves Once More That Chivalry Is Not Dead On “We Got Married”

On the May 14 episode of “We Got Married,” Eric Nam shows his chivalrous manners once more, making more and more viewers fall for him.

In the episode, MAMAMOO’s Solar and Eric Nam are searching for the perfect newlywed home for themselves. They arrive at one of the prospective dwellings which consists of several floors. The cute moment comes as Solar begins to climb up the staircase. At first, Eric Nam, who stands at the bottom of the stairs, naturally watches her ascend. However, a moment later, he suddenly looks away into a random area.

As Solar is wearing a short skirt, he quickly realizes that if he keeps watching he might see up it and accordingly looks away, impressing viewers with his considerate nature.

You can see the short but sweet moment for yourself in the video below:

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