Daebak And Da Eul Get Into So Eul’s Makeup Box On “The Return Of Superman”

On last week’s episode of “The Return of Superman,” Daebak and Da Eul showed their close friendship when Daebak payed a visit to Da Eul and his older sister So Eul’s house. On the May 15 episode, the two show more of their playful side as they mess around with So Eul’s makeup collection.

So Eul shows the pair her makeup box and they both go straight for the lipstick, playing with it like it’s a toy. They then decorate each other’s faces with the pink lipstick, giving one another a complete makeover. They seem to have learnt their makeup methods from Daebak’s twin sisters, Seol Ah and Soo Ah, who previously showed their skills by smearing lipstick all over their faces!


Meanwhile, So Eul shows her maturity when she takes the boys to the bathroom to wash their faces, while Lee Beom Soo is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.

You can watch this latest episode below:

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