Watch: Ailee Can’t Believe Her Ears During This Cover Of “I Will Show You” And Neither Can We

Ailee cannot believe her ears when these three contestants take the stage on “Fantastic Duo”!


On the May 15 episode of SBS’ “Fantastic Duo,” three contestants battle it out for the chance to sing a duet with Ailee: “Busan Bank Girl” Park Hye Jin, “Freshwater Eel Girl” Kim Sae Ha, and “Ice Cream Girl” Lee Min Jung. Ailee gives the three a lead in to her popular song “I Will Show You,” and then they take it above and beyond.

Though the three girls compete against each other, they form a near-perfect trio, alternating between solos, duets amongst themselves, and singing as a full trio. During their performance, Ailee cannot contain her shock, watching with wide eyes and her jaw nearly hitting the floor.

At the end of the performance, Ailee looks at a loss for how to pick just one of the contestants. She says, “I’ve forgotten why I came. I just enjoyed the performance!” After careful deliberation, Ailee chooses “Ice Cream Girl” Lee Min Jung.

Tune in next week to see Ailee’s duet with Lee Min Jung! Until then, you can watch the explosive performance below.

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