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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the hit KBS2 drama, “Descendants of the Sun.” There’s probably not a day that goes by where there isn’t news about one of the actors or actresses, but surely you don’t know everything! Here are 11 things that you probably didn’t know about this intriguing cast.

1. Kim Min Suk

Kim Min Suk

Kim Min Suk was originally supposed to be trained to be in a boyband (did you know he auditioned for “Superstar K”?), but decided to try his hand in acting. It proved to be worth the try as he landed the first role he ever auditioned for, which was for the hit drama, “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.” On set, he became really good friends with L from INFINITE and they are both currently on “Celebrity Bromance.” Check out the latest episode!

Lee Seung Joon

Lee Seung Joon used to be best friends with “The Nation’s MC,” Yoo Jae Suk, in high school until they had a falling out right before going to university. These friends reunited after 26 years on a recent episode of “Running Man,” where Lee Seung Joon explained the fight they had. Fortunately, they decided to put the past behind them and are friends again! Check out the clip of their reunion below!

Jin Goo

When Jin Goo met his current wife, she didn’t have any feelings for him, but he really wanted to be with her, so he prayed every night that she would have a change of heart. He also proposed to her by writing a song for her on her birthday — and this was all before she even agreed to be his girlfriend! So romantic!

Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won has been in over a dozen CF (commercial films) since her debut in 2008. She filmed CFs with BIGBANG, Won Bin, and BEAST, but her most famous CF was when she sang a song for a beverage company in 2010. Check out the video below — her voice is so pretty!

Song Joong Ki

There’s probably nothing about Song Joong Ki that we don’t already know, but one thing worth mentioning is that he’s very loyal to the people he’s close with. In his recent fan meeting in Seoul, his best friend Lee Kwang Soo says that this is his best quality. Song Joong Ki’s loyalty spreads as far as the “Running Man” PD who gave him a chance to be a cast member on the show as a rookie actor. He even visited the set of “Running Man” before going to the army — and after leaving the army.

Cho Tae Kwon

Jasper Cho auditioned for “Superstar K,” and although he didn’t make it to the top 10, he received a trophy for being the best-looking contestant. Jasper Cho originally wanted to be a singer, but was contacted by the makers of “Descendants of the Sun” to be cast in the drama. He thought it was a joke, but when he reached out to the contact, he was relieved to find out it was real!

Ji Seung Hyun

Ji Seung Hyun is known as the endearing North Korean soldier in the drama that captured the hearts of many viewers! He was only supposed to come out in the first episode, but the writers thought the character suited the drama so well that they added him into more episodes. Song Joong Ki referred to him as “main character for episode 14,” which made Ji Seung Hyun feel really happy.

Hyun Jyu Ni

Hyun Jyu Ni has appeared in several dramas that were big hits, but her most impressive appearance was in a recent episode of SBS’s singing variety show called, “God’s Voice.”  Did you know she could sing this well?! Check out the clip below — even the judges were blown away!

Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung seems to be a good luck charm. Most of the dramas that he’s been in have been HUGE hits across Asia. Although all minor roles, Lee Yi Kyung was in “Heirs,” “My Love From the Star,” and of course, “Descendants of the Sun.” In an interview, Lee Yi Kyung said that because he plays the bad guy in a lot of his roles, people sometimes think he’s mean in real life. One girl even kicked him in the leg and ran off. He wants people to know that he’s actually really nice!

Currently, he’s appearing in the new JTBC drama “Mirror of the Witch,” which stars Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron.

10. Onew


Onew is known to sing really high notes — notes that even females find difficult hitting — and is able to hold them for a really long time. Onew’s vocal coach remarked that his voice got higher and better after he had vocal surgery in 2015. Onew also has a unique sense of humor and even more unique skills. He’s stated that he’s good at “spinning” things and even his fellow SHINee members agree. Wondering what this skill entails? Check out the video below!

song hye kyo

Song Hye Kyo is known to be born in 1982, but her actual birth date is in 1981. When she was born, her parents and the doctors did not think she would survive, so they didn’t register her birth until a few months later. Her real birthday is on November 22, 1981. Song Hye Kyo was also so popular in school growing up (obviously), that boys used to fight over her phone number. We don’t blame them!

Watch “Descendants of the Sun” from the beginning below!


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