Krystal Calls In To Show Support For Jessica On V App Broadcast

Krystal calls in during Jessica’s V App live broadcast “Fly with Jessica ‘With Love, J'” on May 16.

Saved as “Pretty Soojung” in Jessica’s phone, Krystal gives Jessica a ring to show her support for With Love, J,” Jessica’s solo debut mini album.

“I really like album track ‘Love Me the Same’ as much as title track ‘Fly.’ It has my sister’s vibe,” Krystal says.


“Krystal helped out a lot, giving her opinions and helping select the title track,” Jessica says with gratitude. “But I am worried about Krystal’s phone bill since she’s currently in China. I’ll hang up quickly,” Jessica adds.

“So irritating,” Krystal jokes but says earnestly and with aegyo, “My sister really prepared hard. I would love for many people to listen to it.”

“Krystal really has a lot aegyo. It’s a shame that it’s not readily visible,” Jessica says.


“Thank you so much,” she tells Krystal. “I’m not lying I really will go [to China] to see your face.”

Jessica released her first solo mini album “With Love, K” on May 17 at midnight KST. You can watch her music video here.

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