AOA’s Seolhyun Dishes On The Toll Comeback Prep Had On Her Body

On May 16, AOA held a showcase for their fourth mini album “Good Luck” at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin.

During the showcase, AOA members dish on their time in Guam shooting the music video for title track “Good Luck” and preparing for their comeback.

Seolhyun talks about the toll that the comeback preparations had on her body. “It was a short trip. In a span of three days, we had to do the [album] jacket and music video simultaneously. Over the three days, I don’t think I even slept an hour in total. In the hot weather, I returned with a cold.”

Member Hyejeong shares, “It was our first time filming a music video overseas. It felt like we had gone on vacation. The weather was also so good. We filmed the group scene on the beach. It was difficult to dance because our feet kept sinking [into the sand].”

Yuna adds, “The members got all very tan. We tried to whiten up once we got back to Korea.”

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