Jessica Cries On Live Show As She Reads Fan Letter

Jessica showed her gratefulness to her fans that supported her throughout the many years.

On May 16, Jessica held a special live show on the Naver V app called “fly with Jessica with love J.”

On the show, she introduced her title track “Fly” as well as the fan song “Golden Sky,” which she explained by saying, “It’s a track that I wrote as I thought about the fans. I think it’ll be nice to listen to when you miss me.”

Fans also sent in their stories to the show. One particular one brought Jessica to tears as it spoke about her mom who passed away with cancer. The fan said that through Jessica’s songs, she was able to be comforted and with Jessica as her model, she is currently is working to be a writer.

As she read the story of the fan, Jessica started to cry, saying, “I’m not that great of a person but thank you so much. I will work hard as a singer.”

She continued, “I’m living each day due to my fans. Because you all asked for a song, I made this solo album. I’m excited and touched that I can give this to you all as a present. I’m so thankful.”


Her younger sister, Krystal of f(x), called her to support her on the live show as well. She said, “My sister’s solo is coming out. She worked really hard to prepare for it. Please listen to it a lot.”

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*An earlier version of this article stated that the show received 1600 hearts within the hour. Because it is unclear at what point the author of the Korean source saw this number or if it was just a typo on the part of the author, we have edited the article.

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