7 K-Pop Stage Accidents These Idols Will Never Forget

There are so many accidents that happen in the entertainment industry but here a few that are just so painful to watch, we can pretty much feel it too.

1. At Super Junior ‘s Super Show 6 concert in Beijing, while singing to Evanesce, all members go on the platform except Kim Heechul, who misses the cue.

2. Choa of AOA slips and falls due to a wet stage during the Suwon Science College Festival but laughs it off and gets right back up!

3. Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa walks towards the fans on stage at a Busan concert, but due to poor lighting, falls off and ends up injuring his shoulder. He’s immediately sent to a hospital, and comes back with a sling on his arm and finishes the concert.

4. At the Angel Prince Festival, Girls’ Generation performs “Run Devil Run” until a scary situation happens with Taeyeon. A male audience member trespasses and pulls her off stage, with Sunny chasing right after them.

5. Soyu of SISTAR slips a few times while performing at the Hallyu Dream Festival 2015 due to a wet stage.  Hyorin also slips a few times near the end of performance. Both girls end up having a hard time leaving the stage.

6. Another SISTAR accident but this time with Bora taking a really painful fall that ends up fracturing her thumb also due to a wet stage.

7. Probably the most painful one of all to watch is GFRIEND performing at the 2015 Hyundai Eco-Driving Concert. Also due to a wet stage, members Yuju and SinB are seen falling with Yuju taking most of the falls.

Are there any other accidents you felt were painful to watch?

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