Indonesian President Joko Widodo Reveals He’s Seen Super Junior In Concert Twice

In the days leading up to the Asian Leadership Conference, Indonesian president Joko Widodo has stated not only that he wants his country to work with Korea, but that he’s also a fan of K-pop!

On May 9, the Indonesian president met with a group of reporters in Jakarta, outlining his hopes for his country’s future. During the interview, Joko Widodo stated, “Indonesia will be making great innovations, so I ask that people invest a lot [in such innovations]. In particular, I’d like to cooperate with Korea in the economic sector.”

One reporter later mentioned, “I heard your daughter is a fan of K-pop,” to which the president replied, “It’s true. I also enjoy K-pop. I’ve seen Super Junior in concert twice with my daughter. Thanks to her, I know Super Junior’s songs.” He laughed and added, “Many people in Indonesia enjoy Hallyu, as it’s very similar to the sentiment of the East.”

It seems that K-pop fans can be found even in the most unlikely people!

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