Jessica Explains Why She Wouldn’t Want Her Daughter To Be A Girl Group Member

After making her solo debut with new mini-album, “With Love, J,” former Girls’ Generation member, Jessica, shares her thoughts on the nature of being a girl group member.

At a press meeting held at her agency, Coridel Entertainment, Jessica is asked what her thoughts were seeing the debut of new girl group, I.O.I, having been a top girl group member herself.

Jessica answers carefully, but honestly, “If in the future, my daughter wanted to become a girl group member, I think I would oppose it.”

She explains, “It is difficult to be chosen as a girl group member among the many existing candidates. You need luck, and you need hard work. Because I was lucky, I was able to become a member of Girls’ Generation, and fortunately the group received a lot of love.”

She concludes, “I want to help my daughter pursue a different path than that of a girl group member.”

What do you think of Jessica’s opposition to a girl group member daughter?

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