WATCH: I.O.I Members Give A Tour Of Their Adorable Home

On the May 17 broadcast of the second season of JTBC’s “With You,” Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook visit I.O.I’s home.

Kim Sook shares about how she came to make the visit, “I saw I.O.I on television a few times, and I grew fond of them. They told me just as a courtesy that I should visit [their home] some time. I had time so I told them I would come over, but Yoon Jung Soo said he wanted to tag along. I am worried that he will overreact and stuff so I’m a little worried.”

I.O.I dorm2

I.O.I greets their guests warmly and gives them a tour. The girls reveal that the eleven members split three rooms amongst themselves—three girls in one of the two rooms downstairs and five girls in the other. The remaining three girls share a bedroom upstairs.

I.O.I dorm

When asked about how they came to split up the rooms the way they did, member Yu Yeonjung says, “Based on disposition, like those who are loud and those who sleep late.”

I.O.I dorm4
I.O.I dorm5

Check out the house tour below!

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