Watch: INFINITE’s L Makes Kim Min Suk A Promise On “Celebrity Bromance”

On the latest episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” actor Kim Min Suk and his good friend L of INFINITE continue their adventure in Seoul!

After making the trek up to Namsan Tower on foot and then back down again, the guys grab some ice cream and wander around the neighborhood of Itaewon together, checking out the shops and reminiscing about their friendship.

celebrity bromance 4

They eventually stop in at a fried chicken restaurant run by Kim Min Suk’s friend, and sit on the patio to eat yet another snack together. As they’re hanging out, Kim Min Suk suddenly says, as though to himself, “I hope that Kim Myung Soo will send a coffee truck to my new drama.” Kim Myung Soo is L’s real name.

celebrity bromance 3

L promises to send one, and Kim Min Suk says, “Really? Awesome! I’ll put a note in my phone. I’m starting to film at the end of May.”

“But the guys will be upset,” L says suddenly, referring to his fellow INFINITE members. “I’ve never sent them one. I’ve been to their sets, though. I won’t go to yours, and will just send a truck!”

celebrity bromance 1

Kim Min Suk suggests that he does both and the pair dissolve into laughter as L says, “Okay, I’ll consider that. But I’ll really send you one! We’ve known each other for five years, after all.”

Watch the whole episode with English subtitles below.

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