Tiffany Grabs 2nd Win For “I Just Wanna Dance” On “Show Champion,” Performances By AOA, SEVENTEEN, And More

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has taken her second trophy for her solo track “I Just Wanna Dance”!

Tiffany was up against SEVENTEEN, Akdong Musician, Crush, and TWICE for the win on May 18’s episode of “Show Champion.” Tiffany looks floored to have won again, and at first is only able to say “Thank you.” She goes on to thank her fans, members, everyone at her agency, and her staff, and then turns to all the singers and groups behind her and says, “And also thank you to all the artists who did this with me today! You worked hard!”

She then asks everyone to stick around and dance with her, so rather than have a parade of artists exiting the stage at first, the other groups and artists remain on stage and dance along and clap for a little while.

Watch her performance and win below!

Other performers this week include AOA, Lovelyz, SEVENTEEN, B.I.G, I.C.E, K-Tigers, V.O.S, LABOUM, Mocha, Seo Ye Ahn, Boys Republic, Stephanie, Icia, April, OKDAL, Jeon Young Do, and Cra’Beat. Check them out below!

AOA – “10 Seconds”

AOA – “Good Luck”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

B.I.G – “Aphrodite”

I.C.E – “We Are Not Compatible”

K-Tigers – “Hero”

V.O.S – “My Melody”

LABOUM – “Journey to Atlantis”

Mocha – “Song of May”

Seo Ye Ahn (featuring ZEST) – “Chocolate Kiss”

Boys Republic – “Get Down”

Stephanie – “Tomorrow”

Icia – “Time Bomb”

April – “Tinkerbell”

OKDAL – “Sketchbook”

Jeon Young Do (featuring Jenny) – “Say I Love U”

Cra’Beat – “W8”

Congratulations, Tiffany!

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