Update: Sulli’s Instagram Account Made Private

Fans looking to get updates on the life of former f(x) member Sulli are now being sadly disappointed when they’re met with only an error instead of her Instagram page.

On May 18, fans noticed that Sulli’s Instagram (@jin_ri_sul) has now been deleted. Rather than show the many photos she’s uploaded since she joined the site in August of 2015, the link now displays an error that says the page may have been removed.

It appears that either Sulli has deleted her Instagram, or she has been hacked and her account has been deleted.

Sulli has been incredibly active on Instagram, which has delighted her fans who have been missing her since she left f(x) last fall. However, she has often been criticized by netizens for the content of her photos, which are sometimes suggestive and occasionally feature her boyfriend Choiza, and each of her uploaded photos tends to attract both plenty of attention and hateful comments.

If the account was deleted by someone else, this would not be the first time she has dealt with hackers, as her account has been hacked at least twice before.

Do you hope that Sulli will be making a return to Instagram?


Sulli’s Instagram account is reportedly private, not deleted.

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