Touching Letter Written By Song Joong Ki’s Teacher Resurfaces Online

An old letter written by actor Song Joong Ki’s high school teacher has resurfaced and is drawing renewed attention online.

Entitled “To My Pupil Song Joong Ki,” the letter is being approximated to have been written in 2010. In it, Song Joong Ki’s teacher reflects on what kind of student Song Joong Ki was and his hopes for his career.

The letter reads, “Dear Joong Ki, I am writing this letter because seeing you on TV these days makes me think of your student days when you were working hard to realize your dreams.”

“It was a joy to meet you as your homeroom teacher during your senior year,” the letter continues. “I was grateful for the placard you wrote for me on Teachers’ Day, “The best teacher since the founding of the country.”

“I thought you were going to fulfill your dream to be a news anchor, so I was surprised to see you on TV. I didn’t think you would establish yourself so quickly,” the teacher writes.

The teacher emphasizes that studying hard does not guarantee becoming an honorable person but living morally no matter what you are doing. “Try everything you want to do, but make sure to care for your health and be humble.”

He concludes with a sweet request, “My wife told my kid about you and said that if I could get an autography from you then my kid would live diligently. If you see this letter, please send a few autographs.”

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