EXO’s Sehun, Chen, And Chanyeol Compete For Their Own Featured Corner On “The Viewable SM”

After telling hilarious personal stories during the first episode last week, EXO’s Chen, Chanyeol, and Sehun continue to show off their witty and dorky selves on SM Entertainment’s new web variety show.

On the third episode of “The Viewable SM,” which aired on May 18, the three EXO members design their own games, in hopes to have their idea become a permanent corner on the show. After presenting their ideas, the three MCs and the rest of the production team will vote on which one they liked the best.

Sehun Chanyeol

Chanyeol first reveals his game, “Who Drank the Healthy Eel Sauce?” The idea is to figure out which of the guests, in this case the EXO members, are drinking the “eel sauce,” or sand lance extract, which is known for its unpleasant taste when consumed on its own. The person who guesses correctly gets to avoid the inevitable punishment: having a taste of the eel sauce.

Meanwhile, Chen’s idea is the “We Matched Show.” Two people are given two different choices, and they must give the same answer when prompted, otherwise they will be hit for not being “in tune” with each other. While the singer himself and Super Junior’s Leeteuk manage to get all five questions correct, his fellow EXO members aren’t so lucky.

EXO Sehun Chanyeol Jung Mo

Sehun Chen Chanyeol

Finally, Sehun presents his idea, “Title This Picture.” As the name suggests, the other people must think of creative titles for the pictures that Sehun prepared. While the photos are funny on their own, everyone has difficulty with the game itself. Even the idol himself guesses that his idea will end up being last place.


In the end, Chen’s idea wins with an overwhelming number of votes, 11 out of 13 to be exact. As previously mentioned, his game will be featured in future “The Viewable SM” episodes. Surprisingly, the last two votes end up going to Sehun, while Chanyeol’s idea is shredded up, quite literally.

Watch this episode here, complete with English subtitles!

The next episode will air on May 19, at 12 p.m. KST.

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