GOT7 Members Take Comical Lie Detector Tests On Live Broadcast

The fun members of GOT7 took some time off from their busy Thailand schedule to hang out and the results were quite hilarious.

On May 18, through the 9th episode of their Naver V App live broadcast “GOT7ing,” the GOT7 members showed how they hang out during their break time from their busy schedules.

This episode took place during their Bangkok schedule when there was a resting time. The members talked in the dressing room as they ate the native fruits and snacks of Thailand.

As they are eating, Junior asks the members, “What’s your favorite Thai food?” Mark answers, “Pat krapao moo sap,” which is minced pork with thai basil, a very popular dish in Thailand. Yugyeom answers excitedly, “Thailand shabu shabu is really delicious” as BamBam wholeheartedly agrees, saying, “Right! We ate it yesterday, right?”

Then, BamBam finds a lie detector on the table and the members decide to test it out. The first victim is BamBam who is asked by Mark, “I am honestly the king of Thailand.” BamBam humbly answers, “No, I’m not at the level of a king” to which the detector fortunately acknowledges his response.

Yugyeom asks next, “Honestly, among the current idols, I am the most popular in Thailand,” to which BamBam wisely responds, “Since I am a Thai person, rather than saying I have more popularity, I would say I have more face recognition here.”

The next person to take the lie detector test is Yugyeom, who is asked by BamBam, “Honestly, I, Yugyeom, can dance better than Jin Young hyung,” in reference to Junior’s real name, to which Yugyeom coolly says, “Our dancing styles are different.”

Youngjae takes the test next as he nervously says, “I have hand tremors so I think I’m going to get caught.” He soon gets into the game, but when he answers affirmatively to the question, “I sing better than Jin Young [Junior] hyung,” the lie detector test indicates that he is lying, making everyone burst out in laughter.

Correction: May 19, 2016 KST

An earlier version of this article misstated “Jin Young hyung” to be Park Jin Young. It is actually in reference to member Junior’s real name.

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