Update: Survival Show “Boys24” Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Video

Update June 3 KST:

After revealing all 49 contestants, Mnet’s “Boys24” has released a behind-the-scenes video showing the boys at the set while taking their profile photos. Watch it below!

Update May 28 KST:

The final batch of “Boys24” trainees has been revealed, revealing all 49 contestants! See them below:

David Boys24

Dancing? OK. Singing? OK. Even has an impressive background: David

Shim Yeonseok

Will dominate the stage as he enters: Shim Yeonseok

Park Yongkwon

Nation’s first love, birth of a male idol: Park Yongkwon

Lee Kwanghyun

Will win “Boys24” with his confidence: Lee Kwanghyun

Jung Kiseok

Impressive at talking and impressively able to make you fall for him: Jung Kiseok

Shin Jaemin

Breathtaking energy! Powerful joints on stage!: Shin Jaemin

Kim Taedong

There’s no escaping his diabolical wave: Kim Taedong

Update May 26 KST:

“Boys24” has revealed their sixth batch of seven trainees. See them below!

Chae Hochul

Heartthrob vitamin who soothes female hearts: Chae Hochul

Shin Kyuhyun

Catches your eyes with his holy proportions: Shin Kyuhyun

Lee Woojin

Sensitive vocalist full of Neo Soul: Lee Woojin

Lee Inpyo

Dance genes flow through his veins, fun DNA!: Lee Inpyo

Yoon Jonghyuk

Unrivaled tone that flows to your ears: Yoon Jonghyuk

Yang Huichan

Unexpected heart attack guy with a charming regional dialect: Yang Huichan

Choi Jaehyun

Unrealistically handsome guys with actor looks and impressive background: Choi Jaehyun

Update May 25 KST:

After it was announced that actress Oh Yeon Seo would be the MC for the show, “Boys24” has revealed its fifth batch of seven members. Check them out below!

boys24 jo yoonhyung

Cheers to your pupils that look like glass beads: Jo Yoonhyung

boys24 kim sunghyun

Best rapper in the world: Kim Sunghyun

boys24 lee changmin

Skilled rapper who controls girls’ heartbeats: Lee Changmin

boys24 nam goongwon

Number one voice, only one honey vocals: Nam Goongwon

boys24 lee sangwook

Delicate, sensitivity guy sent from heaven: Lee Sangwook

boys24 jung minhwan

Chung Shim Hwan medicine and Jung Minhwan for when you need to calm yourself: Jung Minhwan

boys24 park yoonsol

Fluent foreign language skills, prepared to be a global star: Park Yoonsol

Update May 24 KST:

“Boys24” has revealed its fourth batch of seven members. Check them out below!

Kim Sangmin

Eyes you can’t look away from! Humanized version of a deer: Kim Sangmin

Kim Hongin

Natural dancer Kim Hongin? After getting to know him, he’s a natural idol!: Kim Hongin

BOYS24 Isaac

K-pop dance teacher from Malaysia becomes a boy: Isaac

Kang San

Beautiful land of Korea or singing? (Kang San means beautiful land of Korea): Kang San

Jung Yeontae

Tone + singing ability, I already did it. Boy born to become a singer: Jung Yeontae

BOYS24 Alex

The most chic and taciturn, Boys24’s maknae: Alex

Go Jihyung

Jihyung’s rap is so-so (play on words). My heart’s star!: Go Jihyung

Update May 23 KST:

“Boys24” reveals the third batch of seven members. Check them out below:

lee rowoon

Military service idol, Lee Rowoon! I received orders to debut: Lee Rowoon

choi chanee

The AlphaGo of organizing. victory through neatness: Choi Chanee

kim soohan

Flew all the way from Canada to conquer Boys24: Kim Soohan

park wooyoung

Tireless nineteen year-old with charisma that doesn’t get old: Park Wooyoung

kim taeyeon

Is he a fairy? Don’t think he is human…: Kim Taeyeon

yoo youngdoo

Where were you hiding all this time? A dancer appears out of the shadows!: Yoo Youngdoo

oh jinsuk

The “Oh~ Jinsuk!” from Dancing9, in Boys24 he’s “GOD! Jinsuk!”: Oh Jinsuk

Update May 20 KST:

“Boys24” has revealed its second batch of seven more members! See them below:

Park Doha

Honey vocals + dance skills = “it” guy everyone wants: Park Doha

Han Hyunwook

Singing abilities set, engineering major oppa: Han Hyunwook

Lee Insoo

Bounces right back after falling, idol with dogged perseverance: Lee Insoo

Kim Hyunjin

Loaded with visuals, voice, and height: Kim Hyunjin

Tak Jinkyu

4D boy that continues to progress: Tak Jinkyu

Shin Jinkyu There’s no escape! Charming dancer that makes you fall the more you see him: Shin Jinkyu Choi Sunghwan

Boy = Sunghwan: Choi Sunghwan

Original: On May 19, Mnet’s upcoming survival show “Boys24” revealed the first seven trainees from the show. Starting today, “Boys24” will reveal seven contestants for seven days, revealing a total of 49 boys.

“Boys24” will feature 49 talented boys competing each week in units for a final spot in a group of 24. Those 24 boys will then win the opportunity to perform live on various stages for one year in different units. After these live performance missions, the final unit will debut as an idol group.

Meet the first seven members below! Kim Yonghyun Charisma and eye smile, unexpected charm dancing king: Kim Yonghyun Park Junseo Dance god dance king, popping genius: Park Junseo Lee Haejun Sniper targeting those who like flower boys: Lee Haejun Lee Hwayoung Heart attack with just his eye smile, real idol: Lee Hwayoung Kim Jinseob What’s up! Masculine man targeting female hearts: Kim Jinseob Jin Sungho Fall in love with the delicate side hidden in his chicness: Jin Sungho Hwang Inho Perfection that doesn’t need to worry about debuting: Hwang Inho Which members have caught your eye so far? The first episode of “Boys24” will air on June 18 at 11:30 p.m. KST.

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