TWICE Grabs 4th Win For “Cheer Up” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By Tiffany, AOA, SEVENTEEN, And More

TWICE has taken home their fourth trophy for their new hit track “Cheer Up”!

They were up against Akdong Musician for the win on May 19’s episode of “M!Countdown,” and grabbed first place with a score of 9,205 to Akdong Musician’s 5,621. The members are thrilled to have received another trophy, and Sana takes the mic to thank their fans, agency staff, and family.

Nayeon says, “We’re still lacking a lot, so thank you so much for giving us all this love despite that. We will take this as a sign that you want us to work harder in the future, and so we will work hard! Thank you!”

Watch their performance and win below!

Performances this week were by INFINTE’s Woohyun, Laboum, Lovelyz, Lou.De, MONSTA X, V.O.S, B.I.G, SEVENTEEN, I.O.I, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, UP10TION, AOA, Geum Jan Di, April, Cra’Beat, TWICE, Tiffany, and Heyne. Check out many of them below!

Woohyun – “Nod Nod”

AOA – “10 Seconds”

AOA – “Good Luck”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

Lovelyz – “Kissing You” (Girls’ Generation Cover)

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

B.I.G – “Aphrodite”

V.O.S – “My Melody”

LABOUM – “Journey to Atlantis”

April – “Tinkerbell”

Cra’Beat – “W8”

I.O.I – “Dream Girls”

UP10TION – “Attention”

Tiffany – “I Just Wanna Dance”

MONSTA X – “All In”

MONSTA X – “Ex Girl”

Akdong Musician – “Re-bye”

Geum Jan Di – “Uncle Number One”

Heyne – “Love Cells”

Congrats, TWICE!

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