Watch: TWICE Gets 5th Win With “Cheer Up” On “Music Bank”

TWICE and Jung Eun Ji were contenders for first place on the May 20 episode of KBS2’s “Music Bank.” TWICE clenched the win with 6,535 points! This marks their fifth win with “Cheer Up”!

Dahyun thanked “Music Bank,” Park Jin Young, their company staff, fans, and promised to be more hardworking. I.O.I’s Jun Somi celebrated with them briefly and danced with them as well.

Congratulations to TWICE!

Watch their win and performance below:


TWICE – “Cheer Up”

Today’s episode of “Music Bank” featured performances from INFINTE’s Woohyun, Laboum, Lovelyz, Lou.De, MONSTA X, V.O.S, SEVENTEEN, I.O.I, UP10TION, AOA, April, TWICE, Tiffany, Heyne, Boys Republic, Road Boyz, Berry Good, and Red Ickle.

Watch their performances below!

AOA – “10 Seconds”

AOA – “Good Luck”

Lovelyz – “Destiny”

SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

V.O.S – “My Melody”

LABOUM – “Journey to Atlantis”

April – “Tinker Bell”

I.O.I – “Pick Me” and “Dream Girls”

UP10TION – “Attention”

Tiffany – “I Just Wanna Dance”

Lou.De – “Disrespectful Breakup”

MONSTA X – “Ex Girl”

MONSTA X – “All In”

Heyne – “Love Cells”

Red Ickle – “Fight Day”

Boys Republic – “Get Down”

Woohyun – “Nodding”

Road Boyz – “Shake It, Shake It”

Berry Good – “Angel”

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