Watch: Sight Of 2PM’s Taecyeon In Person Leaves Onlookers In Awe

Recently, netizens have been spreading photos and videos of 2PM’s Taecyeon on May 18, as he makes his way to Jamsil Baseball Stadium to throw the first pitch.

One video in particular has caught the attention of many users, as it show the star walking past a crowd of onlookers. The idol radiates a strong charisma and his attractive height and warm smile capture hearts as he passes by. Men, women, and kids alike stop in their tracks to gape at the star.

Many netizens have expressed their thoughts that his real-life appearance is even more handsome than his on-screen appearance, with one user saying that the onlookers expressions are “like they’ve seen a god.”

Do you think their reactions are justified? Check out the video to see for yourself!

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