Watch: Who Won The Game-Fest Between INFINITE’s L And Kim Min Suk On “Celebrity Bromance?”

In their fourth episode, the latest friends on “Celebrity Bromance” decide to have a bowling match against each other.

L and Kim Min Suk face off in a bowling match, agreeing to pay for whoever wins. L gets a gutter ball on his first try and eight pins on his second, while Kim Min Suk, despite his professional stance, only takes a couple of pins on each try.

L continues to do well, while Kim Min Suk takes off his watch. “Sure, let’s say it’s the watch,” L laughs, but Kim Min Suk’s performance does improve. When L comes close to getting a spare, Kim Min Suk says, “You can’t hit it,” and L playfully threatens him with the ball.

When the loser of the game is unsatisfied with the result, the two of them decide to play pool next. The two friends continue their competitive spirit afterward with an arcade game.

To see who won the games, watch the episode below!

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