Producer of “Lucky Romance” Is Confident In Ryu Jun Yeol

Kim Kyung Hee, producer for upcoming drama “Lucky Romance,” has nothing but praise for actor Ryu Jun Yeol, who will be playing the drama’s main character.

During a recent interview, she explains, “Ryu Jun Yeol matches the main character Je Su Ho so well that I can’t think of any other actor to play him. Just like his last work [‘Reply 1988‘], which gave him a lot of attention, I am certain this upcoming drama will also become one of Ryu Jun Yeol’s representative works.”

Lucky Romance Ryu Jun Yeol

Kim Kyung Hee also compliments the actor’s manners and personality, saying, “He is more sincere and serious than anyone else when filming scenes. He is also quite witty. Just by reading the script, you can tell Je Su Ho is very charming character. With Ryu Jun Yeol’s playing him , the character is even more alluring.”

“Lucky Romance” is a romantic comedy based on a popular webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) and Je Su Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol), two very different people who have opposing outlooks on life. Unlike Shim Bo Nui who believes in superstitions, Je Su Ho strictly believes that everything is scientifically explainable.

In the beginning, Je Su Ho supposedly has a very cold personality, to the point he comes off as being mean. However, once he meets Shim Bo Nui, he starts noticing new sides of himself and begins to change. Fans are very excited to see how Je Su Ho’s cold-hearted nature will change to a more warm and tender one.

“Lucky Romance” will air its first episode on May 25.

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