NCT U Discusses The Burden Of Being Called “SM’s Future”

SM Entertainment’s latest boy group, NCT U, recently shot a pictorial for the fashion and culture magazine “Dazed.”

When asked about their group’s concept, the members said, “We’re not a team that aims for a single image. We want to show many different kinds of music and performances. Our strong point lies in our infinite possibilities.”


They added, “It’s a burden being called ‘SM’s future,’ but we’re also proud. It feels like our responsibility. We want to be able to showcase NCT’s unique identity and be acknowledged as a group that can make its own color. Our team has been labeled as a ‘world-wide group,’ so we want to promote all over the world. We want to be able to earn the title ‘SM’s future.’”

The rest of the pictorial and interview can be found in Dazed’s June issue.

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