8 Creepy Things All K-Pop Fans Do

Whether you are new to the K-pop fandom or a long-time stage 5 fan, one thing is certain: K-pop love is no joke. From screaming perfectly synchronized fanchants at every performance to making huge donations in honor of idols’ birthdays or debut anniversaries, K-pop fans mean serious business.

Unfortunately, the fervor of fangirl/fanboy devotion can develop into sasaeng behavior — stalking, hacking into social media accounts, etc. — which often leads idols to make public pleas for privacy. But I’m not here to talk about sasaengs. For now I’d just like us all to laugh and appreciate the fact that the Internet is a weird and wonderful place, and let’s be honest: If an alien (I wouldn’t complain if it were Do Min Joon) landed on Earth (or just hacked into our Tumblrs from Mars), it would probably find our typical fangirl/fanboy antics a little, well, creepy.

Here are 8 K-pop fangirl/fanboy behaviors that may or may not be a little bit creepy:

1. Buying anything, LITERALLY ANY OBJECT, that has your bias’s face on it

Albums with beautiful photos inside? MUST HAVE.

Posters for your room? GIMME.

Animated emoticons for KakaoTalk? WHO COULD RESIST?

Snack boxes, skincare products, and other disposable items that you will never ever open, lest you rip your bias’s pretty face on the package? MY PRECIOUS.

Socks with cartoon faces that may or may not actually resemble your bias? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

2. Talking to said objects

I mean, if your biases’ beautiful faces are staring at you from every shelf/wall/screen in your room, how could you not talk to them?

3. Longingly admire/watch close-up videos/create extensive GIF collections devoted to particular body parts

If you fall down one of many K-pop rabbitholes on the internet, you can find “appreciation posts” for specific idols’ hair flips, dimples, hands, jawlines, thighs, and . . . other body parts that fans love to ogle in 1080p.

4. Fangirling/fanboying just as enthusiastically to see your bias cross-dressing

This can go both ways, but it especially applies to boy groups dressing up as girls and doing girl group dances.


5. Comparing idols to animals

In terms of animal doppelgängers, the K-pop world pretty much has its own menagerie, according to fans. Puppies? We have tons, especially beagles. Water creatures, like turtles and fish? Check and check. Dinosaurs? We got those, too.

6. Watching them eat, sleep, go shopping, go on vacation, etc.

If you’re doing this in real life, STOP STALKING. But if you’re simply watching one of the many TV shows or live streams meant to give us a peek into idols’ lives, by all means, please enjoy that next episode of “Showtime,” “Roommate,” “One Fine Day,” etc. — and let’s squee about it after you finish.

7. Reading and/or writing fanfiction, “reaction scenarios,” etc.

A simple Google search will ping back thousands and thousands of “fanfics” — stories written by fans that may range from a single short scene to a multi-chapter novel — with K-pop idols as the main characters. The internet is also home to countless “reaction scenarios.” Either at a fan’s request or of his/her own accord, a blogger will write imaginary scenes, often accompanied by GIFs, depicting each member of a group in a certain scenario: “Imagine if EXO surprised you for your birthday!” or “How would BTS react if you asked them on a date?” etc.

While these fanfics may be fun for us to read and/or write, a non-fan might not share our fangirl/fanboy sentiments…

Perhaps it’s inevitable, then, that these imaginary scenarios lead us to…

8. Shipping your biases with A) yourself and/or B) each other

Many fans may dream of dating an idol, but since this is an unlikely dream, we might as well ship them with each other.

We might be a little creepy sometimes, but what can we say? We just love our K-pop idols and want to show them our support. Spazz on, fangirls/fanboys!

Soompiers, how do you creep on your favorite K-pop stars?

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