Kim Woo Bin Hugging A Little Boy Is The Cutest Thing

Model and actor Kim Woo Bin is seen giving a little boy a hug during his fan sign event.

On May 20, he attended the event at the Lotte Department Store in Yeongdeungpo as the model of outdoor clothing brand Merrell.

The actor spent time with 110 fans and treated them to photo and autograph signing sessions.

Kim Woo Bin, who is known for being affectionate to children, paid special attention to the kids in the event.

A video captures him giving a hug to a little boy who comes running to the actor with both arms wide open. When they let go, Kim Woo Bin could not take his eyes of the child as he affectionately strokes his cheek.

A video posted by @ehom_xin on

Fans who watched the short video left comments such as, “I’m jealous of that baby” and “I wish I was that kid,” expressing their envy for the adorable little boy.

Kim Woo Bin will star in the upcoming KBS drama “Uncontrollably Fond,” set to premiere on July 6.

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