Why We All Need To Live In Dramaworld Right Now

Have you seen Dramaworld yet? If not, stop reading this article and go watch it now! The finale aired last Sunday, and it was full of ~*moments*~. It made us laugh, it made us feel things… but mostly, it made us want to actually go live in Dramaworld, which is the parallel universe in which all K-dramas are set. Why? Let us count the ways!

In Dramaworld, all leading men happen to be well-versed in several languages. Naturally.


So cosmopolitan.

And steamy shower scenes are a requirement.


The show graced us with *two* of them. Plus a towel scene. Thank you, Dramaworld.

And if you come to someone’s rescue, he will instantly fall in love with you.


So the scene ended at that point, but if that was me, the plot would have taken a huge detour as Siwon definitely would have gotten my number.

No matter how down you’re feeling, there’s always a handsome, devoted second lead waiting in the wings…


… ready to wear sheet masks with you, sing tunelessly about love while thinking about you, save you whenever you need saving, and mostly just stare deeply into your eyes, forever and ever.

And of course the flower shops in Dramaland are owned by actual FLOWER BOYS.

And PPL means you’ll never suffer from another bad face day.


Product placement + makeover time = two Dramaworld staples.

BTW, I’ll take a Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm and Cooling Eye Stick to go! So cute, and apparently quite effective as well.

And it’s always time for a drunken piggyback ride.


It’s a girl he’s never seen before in his life. He’s carrying her on his back. What’s the problem here?

We’re sad to see the end of Dramaworld, but let’s relive the magic of the final episode below!

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