Ki Tae Young Is Disappointed With Rohee’s Choice At Birthday Party On “The Return Of Superman”

On the May 22 episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” a celebration is held for Rohee’s first birthday.

She sports a hanbok for the party, wherein they hold a doljabi, which is an event where a baby chooses one among many items, with his or her choice believed to reflect his or her future.

When Rohee reaches out for a brush, Ki Tae Young slyly lifts her body away from it, revealing his intentions.

A few days before, Rohee chose a ball after much thought during a practice round for the doljabi.

Ki Tae Young then says, “That can’t be, you should think about what you really want.” When Rohee takes a microphone instead, her father exclaims in approval, “That’s right!”

rohee ki tae young eugene

Back at Rohee’s birthday party, Ki Tae Young purposely places the microphone where Rohee can easily see it.

After inspecting the objects in front of her, Rohee stretches out her hand. Unlike what her father had hoped, Rohee ignores the nearby microphone and reaches out for the ball, making Ki Tae Young laugh dejectedly.

Watch the episode below!

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