Watch: “Running Man” Cast Puts A Retro Spin On BTS’s “Fire”

On May 22’s episode of “Running Man,” the cast is so blown away by BTS’s charismatic and powerful performance of their latest hit “Fire” that they can’t help but try to do a version of it themselves – with a retro twist!

When BTS first arrives to play a game on “Running Man” for the show’s special 300th episode, they perform their intense choreography from “Fire” for the cast members. As they’re dancing, the cast keeps trying to follow along with their moves.

bts running man 1

Afterwards, Yoo Jae Suk jokes about how cool Rap Monster looks, and tries to pull off his “swag,” which cracks everyone up, and some of the other members can’t help but try to do it themselves as well.

bts running man 2

When the group is asked to show everyone the main dance move from the track, V comes up to the front and does a move from the chorus. Again, all the “Running Man” cast tries to pull it off themselves, although the feeling is very different!

bts running man 3

Yoo Jae Suk then tells Kim Jong Kook that he should show them an old school version of “Fire.” Everyone jokes about Turbo’s dance moves from the 1990s, and Kim Jong Kook eventually agrees to do it as long as he gets some back up.

running man 4

Haha and Gary step up to the plate as fellow old school performers, and the trio puts on their best retro moves as “Fire” plays. Some of the BTS members dance along, as the rest of “Running Man” laughs at their hilarious dancing. The guys then pull a dramatic pose to wrap up their performance with their own old school flair.

running man 6

Watch BTS’s full appearance on “Running Man” in the episode below!

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