Update: CLC Drops MV Teaser For “No Oh Oh”

Update May 28 KST:

CLC has unveiled their MV teaser for “No oh oh.” Watch it below!

Update May 27 KST:

CLC has released their audio teaser for comeback album. Check it out below!

Update May 25 KST:

CLC has released their track list for their upcoming album “NU.CLEAR.”

CLC track list

Update May 24 KST:

CLC has revealed its second batch of group and individual image teasers for mini album “NU.CLEAR.”

The new images seem to be teasing the concept for one of the songs on the album, “No oh oh,” as the members can be seen posing on a simple and light background, in contrast to the dark street setting of the first batch.

Check out the rest of the teasers below!

clc nu.clear

clc nu.clear 8

clc nu.clear 7

clc nu.clear 6

clc nu.clear 5

clc nu.clear 4

clc nu.clear 3

clc nu.clear 2



CLC drops a slew of image teasers, upping the anticipation for the group’s comeback as a seven-member group.

Included are individual image teasers featuring each CLC member and also a group teaser.



The group teaser is especially attracting attention as member Kwon Eunbin, who debuted as part of CLC while competing on “Produce 101”, is positioned in the center.




On May 30 at midnight KST, CLC will release their fourth mini album “NU.CLEAR,” just three months after their last comeback with mini album “Refresh.” “NU.CLEAR” is a stylized portmanteau of the word “new” and the group’s full name “CrystaL Clear.”



CLC will kick off promotions on May 30 at 3 p.m., KST at the Lotte Card Art Center with a media showcase.

Are you looking forward to CLC’s comeback as a seven-member group?

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