Watch: Lee Hi Performs A Cappella With Audience After Audio Cuts Off

On May 22, a YouTube video was uploaded showing Lee Hi’s performance at Yonsei University in Seoul.

A little way into her song “1, 2, 3, 4,” the backing music starts to cut out due to technical problems. Even as the music is completely silenced, Lee Hi remains unfazed and holds her microphone to the audience, who enthusiastically sing back the words of the song. Lee Hi and the audience continue in an amazing a cappella duet for the remainder of the song, with both sides appearing to have a lot of fun.

As the song ends, Lee Hi asks, “What’s going on?” while laughing. The audience replies with thunderous applause, chanting her name. Happy at this response, she says, “I really like this. I don’t want to leave.” At this, the audience begins calling for an encore and Lee Hi confidently begins her next performance in spite of the disruption of the technical difficulties.

You can watch Lee Hi’s amazing professionalism and performance skills in the video below, entitled, “Lee Hi A Cappella Singalong at Yonsei University.”

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