TAHITI Keeps Moving Forward Despite Lack Of Recognition

Girl group TAHITI shares its thoughts on their identity as a group five years after their debut.

The group held a showcase on May 23 at the Hanatour V Hall in Hongdae, Seoul for their latest comeback single album, “The Secret.”

During the event, leader Minjae says, “We’re now on our fifth year of activities, but we’re aware that we haven’t reached the top and are not well-known yet either.”

She adds, “But we would like to stay undeterred and hope that we can be thought of as a group that can keep singing and give joy to the public,” affirming the group’s unwavering spirit.

The title song for TAHITI’s single “The Secret” features a catchy tune that takes influences from retro club music, with lyrics that express the thoughts of a woman who wants to understand a man’s feelings.

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