Update: U-KISS Reveals Group Teaser Image For Long-Awaited Comeback With “Stalker”

Update May 30 KST:

U-KISS has now shared their group teaser image for their comeback with “Stalker.”


Update May 27 KST:

U-KISS has now shared the cover image for their upcoming 11th mini album, which reveals that it will be entitled “Stalker”!


Update May 26 KST:

U-KISS has dropped two more individual teasers for their comeback, featuring members Kevin and Eli!



Update May 25 KST:

U-KISS has now shared two more individual teasers for their comeback, this time of Jun and Hoon!

jun u-kiss

hoon u-kiss


U-KISS is gearing up for their upcoming Korean comeback with the first of their individual teaser images!

On May 24 at midnight KST, U-KISS shared teaser images of members Soohyun and Kiseop, who look as handsome as ever in the dark, smoldering concept for their comeback.



U-KISS previously made the big announcement on May 19 via a live broadcast on Naver’s V app that they’ll be finally making a comeback in Korea soon.

They have also now shared a schedule for their comeback, which reveals that we’ll be getting lots of new teasers soon, with a teaser video for their new MV on May 31. Their eleventh mini album will be released on June 7.

u-kiss schedule

Are you looking forward to U-KISS’s comeback?