8 Breathtaking Performances From “Fantastic Duo”

Hold onto your jaws if you’ve decided to give the new variety show “Fantastic Duo” a shot. Having officially debuted in late April, it’s only been about a month since SBS launched this new singing show, and the response has only been getting hotter since. The show is particularly engaging for the regular viewer precisely because of its incredibly unique premise of connecting a fan with his or her favorite singer. Anyone — amateur singers and non-celebrities alike — with a smartphone can send in a singing clip for a chance to get paired up with a nationally recognized singer on a collaboration stage of the singer’s hit songs. It’s both emotionally rewarding to see such dream stages come together and quite frankly, astonishing to see so many non-professional singers belt out absolutely breathtaking performances. With that said, it’s definitely worth checking out some of the performances of a lifetime down below.

Shin Seung Hun and Suk In Hye (Engineering Student)

Shin Seung Hun sings “You’re Just in a Higher Place Than I Am” (working title) with Suk In Hye, a college student at Sungkyunkwan University majoring in engineering. She claims that her grades are low because she looks much more often at sheet music than the textbooks she’s assigned in university.

EXO and Ahn Eun Bi (Jeolla Red Pants Girl)

EXO members Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin, D.O., and Chanyeol team up with Ahn Eun Bi from the Jeolla Province to give a musical-like performance of “Love Me Right,” a hit song released just last year.

Jo Sung Mo and Ryu Yong Hyun (Shrimp Burger Prince)

Famous ballad singer Jo Sung Mo paired up with Ryu Yong Hyun who works part time at a shrimp burger joint to give an amazing throwback rendition of Jo Sung Mo’s hit OST from 2004 drama series “Lovers in Paris” called “To Your Side” (working title).

Kim Bum Soo and Kim Da Mi (Fish Cake Girl)

Another national ballad singer, Kim Bum Soo delivers a chill-inducing duet with Kim Da Mi as they belt out the emotional “I Miss You” from nationally-acclaimed 2003 drama sensation “Stairway to Heaven.”

Lee Sun Hee and “Lady” Ye Jin

“Queen of Female Vocalists” Kim Sun Hee, a veteran singer widely considered the most skilled female vocalist in South Korea, made headlines yet again after a stunning duet with “Lady Ye Jin,” a non-professional singer who held her own next to the legend. Check out their beautiful voices harmonizing and blending together with an old hit, “Farewell” (working title).

Taeyang and Lee Seo Jin (Daejeon Rhythm Gangsta)

Even if you haven’t paid too much attention to the show itself thus far, you still must have definitely come across a video of Taeyang singing his hit solo “Eyes, Nose, Lips” for the first time in a duet with Lee Seo Jin, who came on stage under the nickname “Daejeon Rhythm Gangsta.” The video of the stunning duet went viral, boosting not only the two who dominated this stage but also successfully pulling the show into the public eye internationally. Watch it here.

Ailee and Lee Min Jung (Achasan Mountain Ice Cream Girl)

On a more recent episode, Ailee and Lee Min Jung absolutely killed it on stage with this unbelievable duet performance of Ailee’s debut song, “Heaven.” Ailee is definitely known in the field of K-pop as one of the most powerful female vocalists around but Lee Min Jung also blows everyone away with the synergy of her voice combined with Ailee’s.

Lee Sun Hee and Kyuhyun

Last but not least in any way, I’ve included the performance of Lee Sun Hee and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun as a satisfying and heartwarming testament to the core premise of “Fantastic Duo.” As mentioned earlier, the show was piloted and then continued with the premise of connecting fans with their dream idols on a unique collaboration stage. Kyuhyun had long been a huge fan of veteran singer Lee Sun Hee, and through this show, was able to stand on a stage with her to sing “Fate.” The stage goes a long way to encourage looking up to someone as a role model and by helping realize dreams, shows the heart behind all of it.

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