I.O.I Sasaeng Fan Criticized For Revealing Bathroom Photos

A sasaeng fan of I.O.I recently uploaded photos of members Kim Sejeong and Yoo Yeonjeong in a bathroom on an online community site.

In the photos, it appears as though Kim Sejeong is following a staff member’s directions out of the bathroom and Yoo Yeonjeong is seen looking at a mirror inside a bathroom. Although this is a clear invasion of their privacy, the members stay composed and smile at their fans.

Kim Sejeong bathroom Yoo Yeonjeong bathroom

Fans have criticized the taking and posting of these photos due to overstepping boundaries. Many netizens have spoken against these actions and called the fan who posted these photos a sasaeng fan.

It appears as though the photos were taken on May 22 when I.O.I had a fansign event.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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