New CCTV Footage Related To Kangin’s DUI Accident Released

Newly released security footage shows Super Junior’s Kangin’s car at the scene of the accident he’s currently under investigation for.

The May 24 broadcast of MBN News8 covered the DUI incident, showing footage from a closed-circuit security camera. In the footage, a vehicle can be seen stopped against a light post in the reflection of a nearby shop building, before the vehicle drives off.

JTBC also covered the story, showing separate footage that shows Kangin going into a shop and purchasing alcohol.

kangin accident 3 kangin accident 2 kangin accident 1

Kangin voluntarily went to the police station for investigation about 11 hours after the accident. According to the police report, Kangin’s blood alcohol level was high enough to get his license suspended (above 0.05 percent). SM Entertainment later confirmed that Kangin was involved in a DUI accident and canceled all of his activities.

You can watch the MBN news report below.

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