Watch: Lee Hi Shows Off Her Swag While Dancing To BIGBANG Tracks On “Weekly Idol”

Lee Hi reveals her hidden swag while playing the classic “random play dance” game on “Weekly Idol”!

Lee Hi guests on May 25’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” and is tasked with dancing to clips of her own tracks as the show’s crew quickly switches them up to try to catch her making a choreography mistake. As her choreography is fairly simple, Lee Hi ends up showing off more of her vocal talents than dancing as she sings along. The hosts laugh at the crew’s disappointment that she’s doing so well, because she seems sure to win the game.

To kick things up a notch and try to catch her in a mistake, the crew starts playing BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby,” but Lee Hi quickly jumps right into dancing along to her label mate’s hit track.

When the song suddenly switches to “Bang Bang Bang,” hosts Defconn, Hani, and Heechul are surprised by her sudden swag as she shows off her moves!

Check out the clip below!