Red Velvet’s Joy Suddenly Collapses During College Festival Performance

Fans are showing their concern for Red Velvet’s Joy following a frightening incident at a recent college festival.

On May 26, Red Velvet performed their debut song “Happiness” at a college festival in Gyeonggi Province. However, in a fan-taken video of the performance, Joy is seen suddenly falling to the ground, grabbing at her hair and her ears. She stumbles when she gets back to her feet and finishes the song despite her fellow members telling her to go backstage.

While at first glance many fans thought she was startled by the air cannons, or that debris from them got in her eyes, a closer video shows that the culprit appears to be her earpiece. In the video, sparks can be seen moments before Joy falls. As the ear is the center of balance, it would make sense that she would stumble when she stood to her feet.

Hopefully there aren’t any serious lasting effects of the incident for Joy!

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