Recently the cast of “Sister’s Slam Dunk” came together to form an idol group of their own called “Unnis.”

The project stems from cast member Min Hyo Rin’s dream of becoming an idol. As a result, the practice and recording took place at her agency, JYP Entertainment. Although the average age of the group is 35, each member showed passion and dedication in rehearsals.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, who is the only member of the group who is actually an idol, was asked about what it was like recording at JYP instead of her own agency, SM Entertainment.

“I don’t have enough air in my sound,” she said, referencing company founder Park Jin Young’s trademark singing style. “My voice is very clear and high-pitched, so it was hard work trying to imitate JYP’s sound.”

She added, “I’m usually strong in recordings. I have more confidence in recording than on stage, but I lost a lot of energy recording at JYP today.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Tiffany and the other cast members make their debut?

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